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  • Breakfast Tray
    • Breakfast Tray
    • Breakfast Tray

    Breakfast Tray

    Regular price $32

    Breakfast is served! This set has all the delicious ingredients for a healthy breakfast and is a great way to show your children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. The tray size is designed perfectly for your children’s little hands to deliver the meal straight to the table.

    Age range: 3 Years And Older
    Product size: 11.69" x 9.29" x 3.15"
    Weight: 1.10 lbs

    Tender Leaf Toys has been created by craftsmen and designers using their experience, knowledge and creativity to bring you a beautiful wooden toy range that has brought the energy, emotion and excitement of playing with wooden toys back in to the family.
    All our great products have been made with the development of children’s skills and the replenishment of rubberwood forests at its heart. Our manufacturing process - cutting, painting and drying of the wood, is all undertaken at our factory all at the same location.
    All of our toy products meet the European, American, Australian and New Zealand standard safety of toys according to EN71, ASTM and AS/NZS ISO.


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